Belarus President visits new maternity hospital in Minsk's City Hospital No.5

Belarus President visits new maternity hospital in Minsk's City Hospital No.5

Belarus will not spare money when it comes to children and mothers, said today, on December 30, the Belarus President visiting a new maternity hospital on the basis of City Clinical Hospital No5. 

It will be the most modern and the largest in the capital. During one year, about 6,000 mothers will give birth to kids here. The latest equipment allows providing specialized care for premature babies and babies with abnormalities. 

Today six children were born. The Head of State reported on the demographic situation in the country. Over 10 years, infant mortality has decreased by 2.5 times. In terms of this indicator, Belarus has become on a par with the world leaders. Alexander Lukashenko met with the center's staff and familiarized himself with the equipment.  

Alexander Lukashenko also spoke with reporters. The social issue has become one of the key ones.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We, Belarusians, are specific people. Our specificity is that we are very sensitive to justice, to care. We give everyone care and justice. Here's an example of how the state cares about people. In this case, we care about those who give birth, and the future of our country - about kids. It'll be this way forever. We will lend a helping hand, we will find resources for those who need it. We will help people to give birth, do everything for them, so that they live longer and have more children.
A new trend has appeared, unfortunately, from the government: reforms, reforms, reforms again. This is the best reform. There are no better maternity centers than Belarus. Therefore, we nurse almost all the kids. Therefore, we are the world leaders in the preservation of infant life. Mothers don't die at births because we have chosen the right path of reform and modernization of healthcare. I said long ago that we have excellent doctors, education is not worse than that in the US, Germany, Norway and other countries. We have comfortable facilities for normal treatment - hospitals, clinics and so on. Our medicine has produced excellent results. And the recognition of this in this year's conference of the World Health Organization, where all the best doctors came to us. And they appreciated the level of development of our medicine. This is the reform. That's how we will reform and modernize our country in all directions.