Yevgeny Markevich, the only professional male weaver of Belarus

Yevgeny Markevich, the only professional male weaver of Belarus

500 towels, tens of curtains and 3 kilometers of linen. This is a personal record of Yevgeny Markovich, the only professional male weaver in Belarus, and a surgeon. The master restored with his own hands a few machines and now trains those who are willing to continue Belarusian weaving traditions.

Now he's the only guy in Belarus who is professionally engaged in weaving.

It all began 12 years ago. Visiting his grandmother, in a village, Yevgeny saw an old weaver's loom. Thanks to his inquisitive brain the guy got an idea to figure out how the mechanism works.

Yevgeny Markevich, weaver:
I was curious and asked locals to show me how it works.Nobody wanted to and they were going to burn these things. Then I became interested and began to search for material.

After studying numerous books, Yevgeny was able to weave his own towels and bedspreads.

Yevgeny decided to begin weaving not only as a hobby but as a business.

Yuri Karnelovich, CTV correspondent:
Yevgeny's skills are known far beyond Belarus. His towels are in private collections in many European countries, including the Vatican.

Today, the collection of Yevgeny includes more than 500 towels, curtains and tens of three kilometers of linen. However, rest on our laurels is not going to master.