State Security Committee gives New Year presents to kids with disabilities

State Security Committee gives New Year presents to kids with disabilities

The campaign Our Children continues to give warmth and care to young Belarusians and unites a growing number of those concerned. On December 29, KGB officers visited students of the Minsk center of medical rehabilitation of children with neuropsychiatric diseases. The children prepared a theatrical performance for guests.

Each child received a package of sweets. The KGB also gave the medical institution specialized children's furniture.

Officers have been actively involved in the life of the center for about 20 years. Assistance is provided throughout the year. As part of the campaign Our Children KGB representatives have already visited more than ten child care facilities.

This is the most memorable day, it's so cool!. Everybody liked it.

I really liked it here, they are very good people and gave us good gifts. I wish everyone good mood and I want all your wishes to come true.

Valery Vakulchik, chairman of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We see the children growing up, moreover, they are progressing in terms of recovery. It means that this year was not in vain. Educators, teachers, doctors and parents are here and are working with kids. This is great, it pleases us. What are we working for? We work and serve for the future of our children so that they live in a free and independent country. So that they are happy and we can see smiles on their faces.