Viktor Lukashenko took takes part in campaign Our Children

Viktor Lukashenko took takes part in campaign Our Children

The campaign Our Children continues to give warmth and care to young Belarusians these days.  

These kids are waiting for the New Year holidays like a miracle and waiting for guests. Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin became a Santa Claus for these children. He brought them sweets and festive mood. The children prepared a special performance.

Anatoly Kalinin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Today I received a lot of positive impressions. Like our children. Today it felt like a real holiday. And we shared with them the joy of the New Year and gave gifts.

Nine kids live in this children's home. Like a large and friendly family they do everything together: decorate trees and prepare meals for the festive table.

Viktor Lukashenko came to visit the children, together with his family. And, of course, he did not forget presents.

Viktor Lukashenko, national security assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus:
This is a good campaign. It should gain pace. Coming to such families and children's homes we try to bring a piece of joy.

The Brest mayor met with about 300 kids ahead of the New Year.

Alexander Rogachuk, chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee:
I think today's event is special because we celebrate today and congratulate the best of the best, our young elite. It is very good that our city is full of such young children.

The campaign Our Children is a good Christmas tradition. Lasting over 20 years, it has brought joy to many children who grew up without parents' love.

Elena Ivanova, boarding school student:
We are not alone. There are always those who can support us, help us with joy and attention.