Alexander Lukashenko attends Christmas athletics festival "300 talents for the Queen" in Minsk


Alexander Lukashenko attends Christmas athletics festival "300 talents for the Queen" in Minsk

Christmas mood permeates most of the December events. Members of the Government and famous Belarusians congratulate those who most need it bringing gifts to orphanages

On 26 December the Belarus head of state visited the athletics arena in Minsk, where girls and boys from all over Belarus demonstrated their athletic talents.

About 300 best young athletes of the country arrived in Minsk. This is a good chance to prove oneself.

Such competitions are held in our country for the first time. A rigorous selection was held in order to pick these 300 athletes. 

To find young talents, Belarusian coaches have developed a unique selection method. They were looking for future stars of athletics in every Belarusian school.

Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the young Belarusians on the first victories.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
I hope that this will not be a formal event, rather, it will allow us to identify future world champions. We will do everything for that if you are hardworking and willing to achieve higher goals. And today I want to address primarily to coaches and the parents of these kids. Only thanks to you will we be able to make these athletes true stars. And those parents who dared to give us future athletes are true heroes.
I would like to declare the athletics Christmas holiday "300 talents for the Queen" open!

About 25,000 Belarusian children are involved in athletics. There are more than 140 branches in the country where kids practice athletics. After these events, professional coaches will take charge of the best of these guys to raise future champions.

Natalia Kochanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
I was engaged in athletics from the second form before switching to another sport later. This event shows once again the enormous potential of our country, that we have a lot of kids who really have potential today and may become good athletes.

The competition was held in the athletics arena, which opened in 2015. The ultra-modern sports complex can host international competitions of the highest level.

In memory of the event, young athletes gave Alexander Lukashenko an album in which each of the boys left a piece of their soul. Most likely, this day will for a long time remain in the memory of young athletes, many of whom have now stepped on the path of big sport.