President Lukashenko hails Belarusian kids' solidarity with Ukrainians

President Lukashenko hails Belarusian kids' solidarity with Ukrainians

A remarkable and large-scale charity holiday united 2,500 children in the Palace of the Republic December 24. The New Year tree festival gathered children from large families, orphans and winners of creative competitions. By tradition, President Alexander Lukashenko shared the New Year mood with children.

These are kids who need special care and the cleverest in the country. A particular group is those who particularly lack attention in these festive days - orphans. 

Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus' entry at Junior Eurovision 2015:
Of course, I believe in Christmas miracles, the atmosphere is very festive, everyone is smiling and is very friendly. It is so nice to be here!   

Before all the guests plunged into the atmosphere of a fairy tale, the President greeted the kids. Alexander Lukashenko attends the main children's New Year festival every year.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Your smiles, your good mood fills this beautiful place with a positive atmosphere and magic. We are all waiting for a fairy tale these days. After all, you are the future of our country. You embody the brightest hopes and dreams of not only parents but our entire Belarus. It is remarkable that every year more and more children are born here in Belarus. This means we believe that our country will have a happy tomorrow. Every time I meet with you guys, and with adults, I say that our main asset is peace that we saved. And our real wealth is a hard-working and kind Belarusian people. These qualities play a special role in the crucial moments of history. So it was in the past year. Unfortunately, peace and quiet do not reign everywhere. I am very pleased that our Belarusian people have sheltered many children, especially from Ukraine, where it is restless today. And I thank you for accepting the Ukrainians and surrounded our children from Ukraine with care. I hope they feel even better than at home. It's great, it corresponds to the best features of the Belarusian people. And you are getting these features too.
Belarusian warmth, hospitality, love to the Motherland and the desire to help neighbors is an intrinsic part of the national culture. Each generation makes its invaluable contribution to that treasury and we will have to do it too, dear friends.

Each of the kids in the hall of the Palace of the Republic has already contributed to the future of the country: some by excellent studies, some by successful performances in sports or on stage. In turn, the state will do everything for the further development of these skills so that young talents feel they are important to Belarus. 

Alexander Lukashenko:
You have grown truly educated and cultured people, you have multiplied the national wealth, making the world better and more beautiful. I am very pleased that there is a large proportion of your work in that beauty and purity, which is inherent in our Belarus. 
We agreed that the next five years will be devoted primarily to the conservation and protection of our nature.
I was told that today in this room there are a lot of children who are engaged in creative work and have already proved their talents. And not only in Belarus.
Near you there are your mentors. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all these people: teachers, mentors, and my good friends for the good things they are doing, educating all of us, especially you, the future citizens of our country. Among you are outstanding athletes, winners of creative and intellectual competitions. I congratulate all of you on these achievements. We will do everything to ensure that your gifts and your intelligence does not disappear.

As a gift for the President the kids prepared hand-made souvenirs and in turn got hefty packs of sweets. Inside, they also found useful gifts modern flash drives.    

Yana Shipko, CTV:
The festival of the main New Year tree of the country has traditionally been referred to as the culmination of the campaign Our Children. In the New Year's Eve the marathon of good things continues all over the country. After all, New Year is a holiday for everyone. Today the kids will get not only sweets, but also unforgettable experience and impressions!