2015: One of FC BATE's best seasons


2015: One of FC BATE's best seasons

The Belarusian club BATE Borisov can consider 2015 among the best years in the history of the Yellow-Blues. The Borisov club, as before, has no equals in the domestic arena. BATE made a treble in 2015 winning the Belarus Cup, the Supercup and the Belarusian Premier League, 10th in a row.

Only the champion of Gibraltar, the Latvian club Skonto and Norwegian Rosenborg can boast the same or more impressive hegemonies in their championships. These clubs have won 13 consecutive championships in their countries. Well, maybe BATE will repeat this success...

The past European campaign of BATE Borisov became one of the most lucrative in the history of the club. Some newcomers of BATE Borisov in 2015 became indispensable links in the team of young coach Alexander Ermakovich. As an example - Igor Stasevich, who returned to Borisov, and the successful transfer of Nemanja Milunović, who, in his debut season, not only become the best defender of the tournament, but also proved great in the Champions League.

The best football club of Belarus earned during the fall more than 17 million euros. In comparison, bronze medalist of the 2015 Premier League, Shakhtyor Soligorsk, got 400,000 euros for participation in the Europa League qualifiers.

BATE finished in fourth in their Champions League group but had chances to progress to the playoffs until the last moment. The Borisov club looked well against Roma and Bayer Leverkusen and was not afraid of the mighty Barcelona, who later became the strongest club on earth winning 3-0 in the Club World Cup Final against River Plate.

BATE striker Dmitry Mozolevsky in September 2013 got a serious injury in a match of the national championship. Later Mozolevsky got a relapse. The forward stayed out of football for more than two years!

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After such shocks, only few footballers resume playing. We believe that Mozolevsky will succeed. In the match of round 23, he appeared in the starting lineup in the game where BATE met FC Vitebsk and the early winning of gold medals was at stake. Dmitry made an assist and scored a goal! BATE won 2-0 and earned the championship's gold for the 12th time in its history.