Top Belarusian officials take part in New Year charity campaign

Top Belarusian officials take part in New Year charity campaign

The campaign Our Children continues across Belarus. Politicians and public figures, before the winter holidays, traditionally visit orphanages, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

Kids from the Republican Center for Children with Disabilities met the guests with a festive program - little snowflakes, small foxes and Snow Maiden.

Every year the rehabilitation center services thousands of children with disabilities. On December 23, the kids were congratulated by the Belarusian Prime Minister and the Minister of Labour and Social Protection.

Marianna Shchetkina, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
The more we help each other, the more good we do to one another, the more attention is paid to each other, the world becomes kinder. And the campaign "Our Children" is the campaign of kindness, love, compassion and solidarity of our Belarusian society.
It is necessary that a gift reaches every child. But this is not just a gift, but also attention, it's really a holiday.

Accepting New Year congratulations were kids from orphanage No3. This orphanage is home to about 60 children from three to eight years old. And everyone received a gift.

Andrey Kovkhuto, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
We came to the orphanage with gifts. These are books for children. Children's book dedicated to the protection of nature, our beautiful Belarusian nature. For us it is important to communicate with children, to see how they are developing and help them create the holiday.

The campaign Our Children was first held 20 years ago. Particular attention is paid to children who are most in need of support.

Other education and health establishments also met Belarusian officials, who arrived with gifts and best wishes to every child.