Winter photos of Belarusian nature by Anatoly Dribas


Winter photos of Belarusian nature by Anatoly Dribas

Though Anatoliy Dribas is not a poet, he can be safely called a "scribe" of Belarusian nature. With a camera, he traveled almost the whole Belarus in order to capture the beauty of "the land under the white wings."

Among the thousands of different images winter landscapes occupy a special place. Looking at them you feel light frost sneaking through the skin, and the cool breath of wind.

It is hard for photographers to work in winter. This is not only weather but also remoteness of some places.

Photos taken from TV

As recognized by Anatoly Dribas you need to catch the good weather to make a good picture in winter. It depends on the light whether the snow will sparkle and whether we can catch its subtle changes in color.

Earlier, Anatoly Dribas worked with films but it was difficult to convey the right tone of snow. With the advent of digital technologies it all become much easier. But there are nuances here too. The photographer warns newcomers that cheap cameras will not convey the whole spectrum of colors and subtle tones a professional can see. 

There are lots of picturesque corners in Belarus. Each year, Anatoly Dribas, together with like-minded people, selects a destination and hits the road to capture another unique place or natural phenomenon.

Photographs taken by Anatoly Dribas adorn many themed albums and encyclopedias. And winter pictures occupy a special place there (watch video)!