Illegal migration channel revealed on Belarusian-Lithuanian border

Illegal migration channel revealed on Belarusian-Lithuanian border

The largest channel of illegal migration has been revealed and stopped at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. An international criminal group tried to organize an illegal path from Moscow to the European Union. Interestingly, the scheme also involved women. However, they will answer before the law on an equal basis with men.

Nine Vietnamese nationals were detained several days ago at the Belarus-Lithuania border. Together with them were the six organizers of the criminal channel: Russians, Belarusians and a Moldovan. They turned out to be members of an international criminal group. They planned to organize an illegal passage for migrants. 

A criminal case has been initiated against the citizens who organized illegal migration across the state border. They face up to 7 years in prison. Administrative processes are being carried out with regard to the citizens of Vietnam.

There are lots of attempts to find a gap in the Belarusian border every month. But high-tech equipment at the border ensures its increased security.

Yuri Karnelovich, CTV correspondent:
The "All Seeing Eye" in the area of ​​responsibility of the border post Privalka fully justifies its name. The video surveillance system is installed in a way that allows monitoring almost every meter of the state border. The cameras' view is 360 degrees and all of them are equipped with motion sensors. In addition, at night, when it detects a potential intruder illumination turn on automatically. 

Alexander Kuzmitsky, officer of the border post Privalka, Grodno border group:
The picture in real time comes to the monitor of the person on duty and that officer can see what is happening on a particular section of the state border at the moment.

Among other pieces of equipment there are seismic sensors along the perimeter that feel a person's weight and numerous night-vision devices. Border units do their job very well too.

These days, the number of illegal migrants in the western sector has declined. The technical equipment of the border leaves violators no chance.