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FC BATE chairman about 2015 Belarusian Premier League

FC BATE chairman Anatoly Kapsky has answered the questions of the TV program Sports Week on the CTV. FC BATE are on vacation, everyone has left and only you are still working. When do you relax?

Anatoly Kapsky:
It is not only me who is working. There are specially trained people who carry out their activities all year round. And it's hard to let them go on holidays. For example, we are constantly in touch with the head coach. We are actively engaged in the development of our youth football. We draw plans, we are going to change something. This is a little secret. Perhaps we will be working with one of the teams of the first league. They will become our farm club. Without the task to enter the Highest League but with the task to occupy a high place and to give practice to many of our young players who cannot just remain in the B squad.

Someone in the First League is very lucky.

Anatoly Kapsky:
We'll see.

Anatoly, how do you assess BATE's season?

Anatoly Kapsky:
A good season. There were no such seasons before. We won in Belarus everything we can. Took all the titles. And in the European cups. Unfortunately, it is necessary to gradually forget that game against Roma on December 9. Still, until the last seconds, we had a chance to progress. We could go through and show decent performance in the playoffs of the Champions League. It is very important that we show good football and play consistently all year. On the other hand, the purpose of Italian school is not to score much or not concede much but to win. We played in the same manner. Although we, too, like to score.

This tip of the iceberg is the game itself, the result itself. How would you rate the work of numerous other structures of the club? For example, the youth division or the marketing service? Maybe even the work of the press service.

Anatoly Kapsky:
I would find something for which I could criticize each of them. But most of all I am pleased with the work of the coaching staff and the head coach.  The head coach, Alexander Yermakovich, is so competent and intelligent person! He is always criticized by the press and fans. But we need to praise him.

BATE has won the champion's title for the tenth time in a row. Why so? Because the club from Borisov is really the best or because the opponents are weak?

Anatoly Kapsky:
I do not agree with this approach. It is hard to get results, we often get draws or win with one-goal difference. Not because we do not want to win by a larger difference. This is because teams have learnt to play against us. We have a good championship, we have many rivals who bring us a lot of trouble. And there are even some opponents which we are afraid a bit. There are teams that manage to play well against us.

Do you feel the increasing competition from Dinamo Minsk? 

Anatoly Kapsky:
Dinamo is a good team and Shakhtyor is a good team too. And others. But I'll be honest: all the teams we played against in this championship this year, did not have enough class. We do have a better team, this is not just my merit, this is the whole team. You can highlight individual players in Dinamo but overall as a team we are more experienced, wiser and have greater performers.

In my opinion, the most touching moment of the season is the return of Dmitry Mozolevsky. He was sidelined for two years because he was injured. But I know that you paid for his expensive surgery in Germany and signed him although it was not clear whether he would play football or not. Why did you do it?

Anatoly Kapsky:
The situation was very tough and I thought he would become a youth coach. After all, life is such a difficult story. Remember Viktor Goncharenko who had to finish playing career early. If a person cannot play football, it is better to become a coach.  But Alexander Ermakovich believed in him very much. I talked with Dima and he said he wanted to play.   

What is in the transfer market now for BATE? 

Anatoly Kapsky:
We don't have to search for anyone right now. I think we have a powerful defence line. Many players are likely to remain, including Nemanja Milunović and Filip Mladenovic.

We are waiting for Alexander Volodko and Ilya Aleksievich, waiting for their decisions. Vitaliy Rodionov is likely to continue career in the club too. We have signed a new contract with Dima Mozolevsky. Plus we have Misha Gordeychuk, who is actually a striker.

Will Hleb continue to play?

Anatoly Kapsky:
I think Sasha should decide whether he will continue to play with us or not. He needs to be motivated equally for games against Bayer and Roma and for championship games against Belarusian clubs like Granit, Naftan or Krumkachy. A player has to go on the field in the most motivated state. Hleb is a player of the highest European level. But one needs to respect the Belarusian championship. If Sasha is ready for that, then we'll talk.

Anatoly, can it happen that José Mourinho will join FC BATE Borisov?

Anatoly Kapsky:

Maybe Ermakovich will go to London?

Anatoly Kapsky:
I do not know whether Ermakovich will go to London. Mourinho is a world celebrity, a very strong coach. And with his results he achieved universal acceptance. But this is not the coach I like. Mourinho will never come to us because great clubs will offer him contracts. 

FC BATE chairman Anatoly Kapsky