Grodno customs gets giant x-ray cargo screening system

Grodno customs gets giant x-ray cargo screening system

A reliable barrier against smuggling. New equipment has appeared at the checkpoint Bruzgi in Belarus' Gomel region. The five-meter X-ray system meets all international radiation standards. During the inspection, all information is displayed on monitors.

Just a few minutes - and the contents of the heavy truck are on the screen. Special X-rays shine through the vehicle.

The box for scanning protected from harmful radiation release. The staff responsible for this equipment is working in a separate building. Drivers will also be at a safe distance during scanning.

Increased capacity of the border crossing point is one of the advantages of the new system.

Vasily Dementei, head of the Grodno regional customs office:
This increases the speed of scanning and the inspection of the vehicle by several times. It will now take from 5 to 15 minutes, and during this time we will see what is inside.

However, even the most modern equipment does not allow abandoning the old proven ways to inspection.

In the near future, the border checkpoint will be renovated, with traffic lanes to be added. The cargo traffic will nearly double. However, the X-ray installation will easily cope with any number of vehicles, experts say.