Belavia launch Minsk-Kharkiv-Minsk flight


Belavia launch Minsk-Kharkiv-Minsk flight

A new flight of a Belarusian national carrier will connect Minsk and Kharkiv. This will be the third city in Ukraine Belavia makes flights today, after Kiev and Odessa.     

The new flight is going to become beneficial for the air carrier.  There have been no regular flights between Minsk and Kharkiv since the late 80s.

Special focus is on transit passengers from Russia to Ukraine, who have cut all air ties due to the ongoing conflict.

Alexei Kozhukhov, businessman:
In my opinion, it will be interesting not only to businessmen but also for tourists, who are going to Europe.

By the way, Kharkiv hosts the largest percentage of foreign students in Ukraine.

Igor Cherginets, deputy director general for marketing and foreign trade activities of a national airline:
About 30,000 Turkmen students are studying in Ukraine. In various cities, districts, and regions. Including in Kharkiv. There are passengers to cities of Western, Eastern and Northern Europe.

Anastasia Ivannikova, CTV:
The capacity of the aircraft that will fly from Minsk to Kharkiv and back to Minsk is 125 people. The two countries are sure that there will be interest in such destination as Kharkiv, the business center and one of the key scientific hubs of Ukraine.  No wonder Kharkiv entered the top 10 cities with the greatest doing business ranking.

The Minsk and Kharkiv regions have the twinned status. Dialogue is underway in such areas as agriculture, engineering, and culture.