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Russia's Yaroslavl region to expand cooperation with Belarus

The Yaroslavl region of Russia is planning to expand cooperation with Belarus. The main areas are pharmaceuticals, road construction and agriculture. They were determined today, December 17, at a meeting with a delegation from that Russian region. 

Over the last year, the trade turnover between the sides has dropped and the task today is to restore performance. One of the new projects could be the production of medicines.

Belarus and the Yaroslavl Region plan to exchange experience and technologies. Road construction could become a promising area too. Our country is ready to build a ring road in Yaroslavl in line with a turnkey contract.

Sergei Yastrebov, governor of the Yaroslavl region of the Russian Federation:
Maybe the road sector is a new direction. We may well be working with your organizations, which are today is not so heavily loaded and can compete with those in Russia. Here we see order, there is a tender system, which can be effective for Belarusian project organizations. Bridge constructions, building materials ... The spectrum is very wide.


Russia's Yaroslavl region to expand cooperation with Belarus