Kazakhstan marking Independence Day December 16

Kazakhstan marking Independence Day December 16

One of Belarus' strategic partners - Kazakhstan - is marking Independence Day December 16. The nations have made major advances in trade and economic relations: since 2007 the trade turnover has almost doubled.

Alexander Lukashenko congratulated his colleague, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, on the holiday. Analysts now note high efficiency of joint interstate projects.

Erlan Alimbaev is a banker who has been studying the specifics of the Belarusian market. The bank he manages supports small and medium-sized businesses.

Erlan Alimbaev, acting chairman of a commercial bank:
I like that we have a close contact with the regulator and high quality control, which helps us to quickly and efficiently solve our business problems. Secondly, I would like to note the payment discipline of our customers, which is important in the current situation.

Erlan notes the similarity of the markets of Kazakhstan and Belarus. For example, the quota of foreign capital in the banking sector has increased. But ordinary consumers, according to an international rating, are close in terms of financial literacy. In addition, the financier says he feels the increased competition in the Belarusian market.