Syria's destroyed monuments exhibition underway in Minsk


Syria's destroyed monuments exhibition underway in Minsk

An unusual photo exhibition in Minsk features real look at the events of recent times. The exhibition is dedicated to the destruction of historical monuments and relics in war-torn Syria. The militants have no respect for millennial heritage, while for peaceful Syrians the destruction of the sacred places is a real tragedy. By the way, filming the material was the CTV Channel's operator who is from Syria.   

Ayman Abazah, businessman:
The word painful is too mild a word. This temple was not only destroyed, it was just torn apart.

Ayman Abaza visited all parts of Syria that are in these photos but now he cannot believe that the valuable and cherished places are now associated with savagery and sometimes with dread.        

Ayman Abazah, businessman:
In this theater an 80-year-old history professor was beheaded.

Next to ages-old monuments are photos of cruelty, of what war has done with these places. This is not fiction. Even the staff of the museum feel deep regret when they look at these works.

Alexander Tsyganchuk, member of the exhibition department of the National Art Museum of Belarus:
Of course, we are sorry. We are very sorry. Moreover, it is not possible nowadays to restore everything using only photographs.

Ruslan Abramovich, researcher at the National Art Museum of Belarus:
In terms of culture, in terms of archeology this is a promised land. And what happened in the last few years on this earth is not just a shock, it is truly irreparable damage.

In parallel with explosions and the destruction of monuments militants pour blood on the already torn pages of history.

A CTV operator, Tamer, has it especially difficult to look at these photos. Tamer Mallak is a Syrian whose motherland is now being torn into pieces by war and cruelty.

Tamer Mallak, cameraman of the CTV Channel:
Our architecture is our pride. As they say, if a person has no past, then he will not have a future.