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Belarus' strengthens control over those arriving from Ukraine, Syria

The Interior Ministry will strengthen control over citizens arriving from Ukraine and Syria. Every employee of the Interior Ministry, including patrol and traffic police have the necessary skills to detect such citizens.

The recent example is the detention at the Minsk railway station. A man who was carrying explosives, two passports and weapons was taken into custody. He had documents confirming that he had been a combatant in the Donbas.

Also, the authorities are working to identify Belarusians who could or are going to go to war for Daesh (ISIL) or Ukraine. 

Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
We of course take into account specific traits of such citizens. We have made relevant portraits of persons who may participate in any of these events. Basically these are young people who have certain ambitions for some self-realization, or some other goals such as money.

Belarus' strengthens control over arriving Ukrainians, Syrians