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Belarus, USA to jointly develop laser technologies

Belarus and the United States will be engaged in the joint development of laser technologies. This will be a logical continuation of the more than 20 joint projects of the National Academy of Sciences and American developers.

Among the potentially interesting areas are laser medicine, pharmaceuticals and material science. The current visit - the third inside the last 12 months - underlines the interest of the parties in cooperation.

Vladimir Gusakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus:
We are building constructive relations with many institutes and academies of the world and act as partners: joint research, exchange of experience and the results of scientific research. But this doesn't mean that we or they will sell each other's technologies.

Matthew Hamill, senior vice president of National Association of College and University Business Officers:
We came not just to discuss the development and achievements of scientists, the so-called basic science, but also ways to implement them in practice, in fact, the commercialization of discoveries. Of course, it is difficult and we continue to explore the experience of many countries, we are trying to understand how to maximize the use of innovations.

Belarus, USA to jointly develop laser technologies