Belarus going to use psycholinguistic examination

Belarus going to use psycholinguistic examination

In the fight against extremism and terrorism, it is important to forestall crime before it happens. Psycholinguistic examination may become one of the most effective methods of prevention. Specialists discussed the possibilities of its application in Belarus on December 10.

The essence of the examination is in tandem two specialists: a psychologist and a linguist, who monitor and evaluate signs of extremist nature in speech and in a variety of information sources. It is planned that Belarusian experts are going to be trained in Russia.

Belarus is actively using physiological examination. They are carried out with the help of a polygraph and are primarily used when working with victims of violence. The method has already proven itself in work with children.

Vaiva Martinkene, director of the Civil Service of Forensic Psychiatry, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania:
There are some questions that we cannot solve in Lithuanian forensic psychiatry. These are psychophysiological research involving the use of polygraphs. We don't have it. And, of course, it will be very interesting to learn about the experience of working in this environment.

Sergei Shipshik, deputy head of the Southern Regional Center of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation:
We are interested in experience in the use of psychologists in the interrogation of children. We appreciate studies that are carried out by experts of Belarus, because the main thing here is of course to protect the interests of the child.