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Estonia interested in Belarusian baby food

Estonia is interested in long-term cooperation with Belarus. Among the priority areas are the agricultural sector and mechanical engineering. A parliamentary delegation from that Baltic republic paid particular attention to Belarusian products.

In the Scientific and Practical Center for Foodstuffs the guests were shown how the quality of goods is checked. Food products for babies are under special control, experts say. According to standards, Belarusian baby food manufacturers use only natural products for these goods, which is a major "trump card" in competition in the EU market.

Valeri Korb, head of the Estonian parliamentary group of friendship with the Parliament of Belarus:
Today, we are discussing good nutrition and quality of food. Especially products for children. What we saw here today is of course impressive. The approach itself is impressive. The state is the guardian of a healthy and quality food for people.

Einar Vallbaum, MP of Estonian Parliament:
We work together and we can know in advance what Belarusian products will come to our market. We can check quality. And thus business runs faster.

Estonia interested in Belarusian baby food