Belarusian band Litesound: Dmitry Karyakin

Belarusian band Litesound: Dmitry Karyakin

Dmitri Karyakin, Eurovision 2012 participant, Litesound music band frontman has shared impressions about the Eurovision 2016 national selection and about a song that Europe would appreciate.

Litesound is considered the most contradictory and mysterious band in Belarus. At hearing their songs, many people would say that this is a worldwide star singing. Quality sound and great music videos amaze everyone.

The Karyakin brothers, Dmitri and Vladimir, band founders, are fond of travelling. Maybe this fact helps them to create such diverse songs.

The band received prizes and awards at many competitions. They’ve given concerts in the USA, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, the Netherlands, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland and Belarus.

Litesound is a Belarusian rock band founded by the Karyakin brothers in 2005.

Calling not to give up and to overcome difficulties together, the band represented Belarus at Eurovision 2012. We Are The Heroes song became the anthem and inspired those who had lost hope. Litesound received the international Eurostar award as the best Eurovision singers of the last decade.

Sports teams use the band’s compositions as their songs. The brothers’ song was the Ice Hockey World Championship anthem in 2014.

There wasn’t much news about Litesound after Eurovision 2012. Some people said that the band was prohibited by the powerful because of a cheating scandal at Eurofest.

Dmitri Karyakin, the band’s frontman, recalls this conflict as something that cannot be explained. However, it helped the band to move to a new level.

Dmitri Karyakin, Litesound frontman:
It was an unexpected and unusual situation for me. Moreover, it frustrated me completely. I remember that feeling when you’re on the stage you’re confident in yourself, when you deserve being a finalist. But according to the results you’re in second. I couldn’t even breathe at that moment! I felt despair, I was lost. There was no chance to prove that the situation was different, no one heard me. It was dishonest.

I’m grateful to my fans for their support in social networks. I really needed that support. It’s important for every artist to have people who support and believe in him.

We all were fighting, trying to find a solution. However, I was frustrated. It shouldn’t have been that way.

That’s why we decided to involve the authorities. It was important to prove that one never should give up. That situation influenced me a lot, I changed my attitude to many things.

The band’s name is light and sonorous. However, your style is different.

Dmitri Karyakin, Litesound frontman:
A stage name or a band’s name shouldn’t reflect style. There’s no need for such correlation. Maybe my nature matters here. I can be both calm and very emotional. Litesound in my lifestyle!

Your songs seem to be very light, they look like songs of your European colleagues. It attracts listeners! What’s the secret of such success?

Dmitri Karyakin, Litesound frontman:
Being sincere! It’s really very important. I wouldn’t respect an artist who’s using someone else’s style. For example, the boy who looks like Justin Bieber. Whatever he does, no one will notice him. He may look great and have a good voice but… You won’t perceive such artist the way you should do that. Any artist should be himself, express his mood, his emotions. He should be completely devoted to his work.

You’re familiar with Western music style. What kind of song will be appreciated by Europe?

Dmitri Karyakin, Litesound frontman:
I believe the right PR strategy matters a lot. You’re to sell yourself.

It’s difficult for me to speak about the Eurovision national selection. To be honest, it’s awful. Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll find a highly-professional, talented artist for the contest.

I’d also like to say that we all admire your music videos. They’re true short-length films. Maybe it’s time to think about cinema?

Dmitri Karyakin, Litesound frontman:
We haven’t thought about it yet. We like making such short life stories. To be honest, Vladimir, my brother, is more engaged into this process. He likes it and he copes well.

Дмитрий Карякин

Author: Ekaterina Bedulina