Belarus' dairy company Babushkina Krynka wins People's Brand Award

Belarus' dairy company Babushkina Krynka wins People's Brand Award

Belarus announced its People's Brands. The winners reflect the choice many Belarusians. This is the true people's choice: anyone could give their vote to a particular product or manufacturer. Consumer recognition award People's Brand it's like an Oscar for manufacturers.

Among the winners is the famous Mogilev enterprise Grandma's Jug, known not only in the Belarusian market.

Hard and processed cheeses, yogurt, ice cream and baby food. Seven goods of Grandma's Jug reached the final. In the category Traditional Dairy Products, the company took 2nd place. Glazed curds got People's Brand gold.

No preservatives and additives is the main secret of The Grandma's Jug. For more than 10 years, the Mogilev dairy holding company has been holding a leading position in the industry in the republic. About 70% of produce is exported. Recently, the company has begun work in the Chinese market.

Taking part in the voting were about 3 million people. Quality Awards were contested in 110 nominations.

Irina Narkevich, Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Belarus:
Our Belarusian consumer chooses 70% of domestic goods. In terms of food the percentage is 82%. And therefore a priority of our Belarusian manufacturers is competitive quality products and import substitution.