Belarus wants to amend forced migration law

Belarus wants to amend forced migration law

Migration crisis in the EU does not have a substantial impact on the situation in Belarus but the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament, is considering some issues relating to refugees.

The flow of forced migrants fleeing into Belarus has increased in recent years. Migrants primarily come from Syria, Iraq and Yemen. 

The conflict in the neighboring Ukraine has forced about 150,000 people to come to Belarus over the past 9 months alone. 

All innovations in the migration legislation is a reaction to changes in the migration situation in the world. The deputies propose a new document providing for a unified procedure for filing a refugee status application. As expected, the period of consideration does not exceed six months.

Nikolai Melchenko, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
This will prevent unscrupulous asylum seekers from unreasonably arriving in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The amendment also provides for a significant change: a migrant must know one of the official languages ​​of the Republic of Belarus (Russian or Belarusian - note by the CTV staff) and provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

Also at the meeting, the deputies approved the draft of the Forest Code. New paragraphs of the document will allow harvesting 2.5 million cubic meters of wood more and receiving more than 200 billion rubles of additional revenue. One of the most discussed was the draft Culture Code. It has no analogues in the CIS. The proposed document expands the powers of patrons and sponsors and steps up control over so-called black diggers.

Financial issues were also discussed. The first deputy chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Belarus noted that Belarus-IMF talks on loan granting may complete in the first quarter of 2016. Today, Belarus is enjoying a successful dialogue with the fund.  

Taras Nadolny, first deputy chairman of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus:
The mission noted our willingness to bring the positions closer, willingness to actually implement approaches that will lead to the formation of long-term economic growth. And at the same time financial stability in the country will be maintained so we have proven ready to move along this path and thus I can say the dialogue with the Fund is pretty good now. And if you read the statement of the IMF mission, you will see they say we have made a lot of progress and Belarus is ready to move towards closer positions.