Decline in Belarusian football match attendance needs to be addressed


Decline in Belarusian football match attendance needs to be addressed

A traditional media briefing held on November 30 in the House of Football. This meeting became the longest of all the previous ones, which is not surprising, because many things were to be discussed. After summarizing the November football events, First Deputy Chairman of the Football Federation, Sergey Safaryan, assessed the whole past season.

Sergei Safaryan, First Deputy Chairman of Association "Belarusian Football Federation" (ABFF):
I would highlight, perhaps, two most important moments. First, negative, is that attendance is dramatically increasing. The positive point is that teams from the bottom half of the table tried their best to influence the distribution of places in the upper and the lower part of the table.     

Various topics were lifted, including scandals in FIFA and UEFA, the coming season and the meeting of representatives of the Federation with fans. That meeting will certainly take place and should finally erase boundaries between Belarusian fans and football.

Sergei Safaryan, First Deputy Chairman ABFF:
As far as entrance to the stadium is concerned, clearly fans will still be inspected by officers of the Interior. No one is going to joke with security issues. In order to minimize these conflicts, representatives of the Association will be at the stadium and will carry out independent videorecording.

But most attention was received by clubs that made it into the Highest League. Some clubs may face problems getting a Highest League license. While FC Gorodeya will certainly get such a document, FC Isloch and especially Krumkachi may have problems with it. However, the issue will be resolved until January 1, 2016.