Belarus selects 10 Eurovision National Selection finalists

Belarus selects 10 Eurovision National Selection finalists

On December 1, the Belarusian TV and radio broadcasting company finished an open audition as part of the Eurovision 2016 national selection. After two days, ten finalists were selected. It is reported by the press service of the company.

Taking part in the national final will be the following singers and bands:

1. Alexander Ivanov

Александр Иванов

2. Valeriya Sadovskaya

Валерия Садовская

3. Anastasia Malashkevich

Анастасия Малашкевич

4. NAVI band

группа NAVI

5. Alex Gross

Алексей Гросс

6. Kirill Yermakov

Кирилл Ермаков

7. Radiowave band (Radiovolna)

группа «Радиоволна»

8. Sasha Zakharik

Саша Захарик



10. THE EM band (Egor Sharankov)

Egor Sharankov (группа

All finalists videos (in the same order)

In the national final, the winner will be determined by the audience via telephone and SMS voting during the live TV broadcast of the show. The Belarus Eurovision national final will be held no later than January 25, 2016.

Eurovision 2016 will take place in Sweden.