Donbass combatant detained in Minsk

Donbass combatant detained in Minsk

The Investigative Committee of Belarus on November 27 voiced details of the detention at the Minsk railway station. A man who was carrying explosives, two passports, weapons and documents was taken into custody since it followed from the documents that he was a Donbass combatant.

The waiting room sees a never-ending flow of people but security bodies try not to miss any details. Policemen noticed a strange-looking man and their concerns, as it later turned out, were not in vain.

Alexander Lastovsky, Head of the Information and Public Relations Office of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
He had a travel bag, he was dressed quite unusually and there were some peculiarities in its behavior. The police decided to ask his ID and then found that he was wearing a bulletproof vest under his jacket.

During personal search police found a mask with slits for eyes, two passports, an improvised explosive device on the basis of the fragmentation grenade VOG-17 to mounted grenade launcher, a pistol and electronic media. 

Moreover, a certificate was found stating that the man took part in the anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Ukraine. It was signed by a Right Sector commander.

Sergei Kabakovich, Head of Information and Public Relations Department of the Investigative Committee of Belarus:
Preliminary information indicates that he may have been part of armed groups that operated in the Donetsk region in October 2015.
For a detailed study of the data and validation we appointed a number of expert studies. And we already have something to say.

Yegor Livai, spokesman for the State Legal Expertise Committee:
According to the preliminary conclusions of bomb experts the devices found are improvised explosive devices. It is made on the basis of a standard hand-grenade fuse of industrial production and a fragmentation grenade from a grenade launcher. Similar improvised explosive devices were used by Chechen fighters during the terrorist operations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The man did not resist during the arrest. Not much is known about his personality. 28 years old, he is a native of Novopolotsk. On November 25 he returned from Ukraine. The man did not complete higher education, which he was receiving in one of Belarusian universities.

The investigation of this criminal case continues.

Sergei Kabakovich, Head of Information and Public Relations Department of the Investigative Committee of Belarus:
Recently armed conflicts have intensified in different parts of the planet. In this regard, we emphasize that Belarus is taking adequate security measures. This is adequate to the present-day situation. The law enforcement bodies of the country fully control the situation and carry out the necessary complex of measures aimed at preventing such manifestations.