Belarus open for international anti-terrorism cooperation


Belarus open for international anti-terrorism cooperation

Leonid Maltsev, the chairman of the State Border Committee, assures that Belarus is open for the cooperation with those who are not indifferent to the problem of international terrorism. Recently, the topic of security has become the central one on the continent. That’s why it’s necessary to develop joint programs of Belarus with the EU and international organizations.

The eastern borders of the EU and the western ones of the Eurasian Economic Union. Today Belarus controls not only its own security. Good protection of borders is a guarantee of peace in today’s restless world. Belarus is ready to ensure this peace for its partners.

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee:
Despite the international problem of illegal migration, it’s solved in Belarus. We see that often there are terrorists among the migrants, what we observe in France. We analyze all those facts and meet the challenge.

The Belarusian border stretches for about 3,000 km. The quality of its security is in both sides’ interests. Joint projects of the Belarusian border guard service with the EU and international organizations are implemented on a regular basis.

In view of the recent world events, the urgency of such cooperation has significantly increased as it’s an effective way to resist bloody threats.

Andrea Victorin, Head of the EU mission in Belarus:
We have to change the mentality and defend the borders together, not alone. The recent events, such as the downing of the Russian jet, the attacks in Paris, the alarming situation in Brussels, prove that the treat may come from different sides. But even taking into account this fact, we should avoid preconceived attitude to migrants. It’s wrong to see a would-be terrorist in every person, we should respect human rights. We must act together.

It is important to not only guard and defend the borders, but also manage them.

Sanaka Samarasinha, UNDP resident representative in Belarus:
We have to reconsider the concept of guarding the borders and start managing them. To protect and to defend a border means that there are people who control it outside and those who control it inside. Meanwhile, to manage borders signifies an organized legal movement of citizens across these borders.

In order to manage the borders and increase the quality of this management, it’s indispensable to use appropriate approaches and technologies: mobile complexes, technological infrastructure and crosswalks on border points. Moreover, an electronic queuing system is being introduced; it must work in cooperation with the adjoining side.

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee:
We are working with the EU support on the system of electronic gateway, which allows citizens to cross the state border in a comfortable way without contacting the border guard.

The EU and the UN finance such joint projects and in 2015, Belarus has received about €3 million. The additional financing helps not only fit out the border, but also increase the staff’s potential, organizing workshops and advanced trainings.

Recently, a reconstructed training center for the border guard has opened. It contains classrooms where there’s a possibility to attend lectures of Minsk professors at a distance of more than 150 km. All the necessary equipment, a library and a comfortable accommodation are provided. In terms of the project another building will be constructed nearby soon.

Projects to the amount of €2 million have already been signed for 2016.