22-year-old girl running confectionary in Minsk

22-year-old girl running confectionary in Minsk

The Global Entrepreneurship Week was held all over the world. In this connection, today we are getting acquainted with a business-woman who created her own confectionary at the age of 22. Sometimes she had to deprive herself of life’s pleasures but her dream has come true and now she can afford a lot of things.

Despite a flexible schedule her day begins long before dawn. While everyone is sleeping, Anastasiya is preparing a breakfast.

The whole day is just mapped out to the last minute. Anastasiya has 12 employees. But at the same time she controls everything – orders, visitors, suppliers.

Anastasiya Shireyko, confectionery’s owner:
To understand the business, to be able to control, you need to work at every position. I even deliveredcakes in my life. After all, a customer should get a perfect product and perfect service.

Having been a student, she worked as an accounting assistant and an HR specialist, which further helped her to draw up a business plan. Soafter graduating an economic university Anastasiya had already known exactly that she would be a self-employed businesswoman.

She started her business with treats. Anastasiya and her friend baked cakes at night and handed them out to friends. They were accumulating a customer base in such a way. Then they ran an Internet project. But two years ago Anastasiya realized that it was necessary to move on and opened the confectionary. Besides, she wanted to instill the European tradition of drinking coffee in the morning and the English breakfast outside home. So, now she is proud she promotes these traditions in Belarusian society.

Today Anastasiya arranges the presentation of her confectionery. The event should be at the highest level since it may affect her income. Talking about money, we couldn't help asking about a startup capital.

Anastasiya Shireyko, confectionery’s owner:
My parents helped me, and I also had some savings. I think many people have a choice to buy a new pair of boots or a fur coat or to save money to start their own business.

She still has to deprive herself of lots of pleasures. Almost all the business income is spent on the confectionary’s development.

Emails, reports, business plans and payments. She says it is impossible to forget something or to leave for later. These are the laws of business. If you want to earn good money, be ready to work. This is her formula for success. Anastasiya also notes that there is approximately the same amount of failures and success.

Coming home, Anastasiya turns into a loving mother of two kids and a caring wife who will make a dinner, get the children to bed and go to rest in order to start a new day tomorrow, at 6.30 a.m. This is a business life.