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Elvira Herman: European Track and Field Junior Champion prepares for new victories

The key factors in track and field are speed and tactics. Rivalry is motivation. Belarusian athletes showed great results during the competitions last summer. Alina Talay’s success was amplified by Elvira Herman’s gold medal at the European Track and Field Junior Championship in the 100 meters hurdles. Elvira Herman is a promising Belarusian athlete.

Elvira Herman, European Track and Field Junior Champion:
My best result for today is 13.15 seconds but I reached it with the help of wind at the European Track and Field Junior Championship. Still, this is my personal result. I have two rivals in the world with the results 13.17 and 13.19. These girls are from the United States, if I’m not mistaken. My official result is 13.20, thus I’m third.

Elvira started her sporting career with long and high jumps and sprint but hurdling was her passion.

Elvira Herman, European Track and Field Junior Champion:
I joined track and field when I was in the 6th grade. My coach invited me to join her team. It turned out to be an enjoyable experience. I practiced all the types of track and field but hurdling was the most fascinating type for me. During a competition I wanted to do the 60 meter hurdles. I tried to persuade my coach to give me a try. He said that I was too young for that. I managed to persuade him. By my three-step technique the coach understood that I can do hurdling.

Elvira soon became successful. She was second at the Olympic Games and first at the European Track and Field Junior Championship. Elvira believes that her coach Viktor Myasnikov on a par with other coaches played a key role in her great results.

Viktor Myasnikov, honorary coach of Belarusian SSR, coach of the Republican Center of Olympic Training for Track and Field:
Elvira initially had everything for hurdling: age, speed characteristics, technical skills and the right nature.

Hurdling requires maximum concentration and accuracy. Speed, flexibility and coordination are important as well. Elvira has a unique combination of abilities and character.

The girl believes that victories are not the reason to stop but motivation to go further. She’s preparing now for the World Junior Championship. Moreover, she’s going to participate in 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games.

Elvira Herman, European Track and Field Junior Champion:
I wish everyone to practice track and field. Everyone can find something suitable in this type of sport.

Elvira Herman, Belarusian athlete