Belarus offers Leningrad region agricultural machinery, construction equipment

Belarus offers Leningrad region agricultural machinery, construction equipment

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko offered Leningrad Region of Russia to consider new directions for cooperation meeting with the governor of that region Alexander Drozdenko.

These days, the delegation of the Leningrad region is visiting Minsk. Among about 80 Russian regions, it is one of the traditional key trade and economic partners of Belarus. The three-year program of cooperation has allowed increasing the turnover.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Our meeting three years ago to a large extent contributed to the steady growth of trade turnover, which last year exceeded half a billion dollars. Today, unfortunately, there is a downward trend in the volume of mutual trade, so we are interested in not least stabilizing the situation but also making a significant leap forward. And we should start with such traditional areas of bilateral cooperation as agriculture, construction and mechanical engineering products.  Maybe you have some new ideas, maybe you want to underline some drawbacks in our work. I think that in view of the fact that we have very close relations, brotherly relations, it is not a mere statement, we can in a relaxed environment discuss problems without "retouching" them. If there are any problems it is time we discussed them now, especially on the eve of my meeting with the president of Russia.  

Belarusian agricultural machinery has proven itself in Russia. Almost half of the tractor fleet of the Leningrad region operates Minsk machines. Deliveries of traffic and construction equipment as well as buses running on natural gas are promising.

Alexander Drozdenko, governor of the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation:
Now almost 40% of all farm machinery and agricultural machinery of the Leningrad region is of Belarusian origin. That there are already very good communication. We have to think about creating major service centers in order to service the machinery we are buying. We have really good prospects in road engineering, we have already started work on the construction equipment and buses.

New projects are on the cards in the energy sector too.

Alexander Drozdenko, governor of the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation:
We start cooperation with Belarus on the construction of boiler rooms in the Leningrad region. Gasification is underway in our region and we want to buy equipment produced by Belarusian companies to build modern boilers. Another new trend is serious investment in a program to overhaul the housing stock and here Belarusian equipment may also be of great help, in particular famous Belarusian elevators.

The delegation also observed a minute of slience in Victory Square in memory of WWII heroes. It laid red carnations at the Eternal Flame.

On November 23 the delegation of the Leningrad region held talks in the Belarusian government. The main issue was economy and the search for reserves to increase mutual trade turnover of at least 700 million dollars. Now this figure remains at half a billion dollars.

The delegation from the Leningrad region visited a leading Minsk enterprise for the production of machinery. Most of the samples were presented at an improvised exhibition. Machines for timber industry and agriculture caused the guests' particular interest. Some of these pieces of machinery have been successfully tested working in the Leningrad region. Belarusian machinery differs from other analogs in terms of price, performance and guarantee of service.

Viktor Yanushko, first deputy general director of a holding company for the production of equipment:
We have great interest in grain drying systems. And we have worked out three contracts. Talks are underway to on the supply of grain drying systems.