Belarusian scientists turn tractor into robot

Belarusian scientists turn tractor into robot

Belarusian scientists have created a robot based on a tractor. The machine can be used for fire extinguishing, chemical spraying and bomb disposal. There’s only one exemplar of the machine so far, nevertheless, batch production is quite possible.

This vehicle is small but it can do tremendous things! 

The Belarusian robot has a camera and a hydrant and it can be controlled from the distance of 500 m. It took 2.5 years to create it.

The 450 kilogram robot can operate in environments unsuitable for man.

This machine is also cost effective. It’s 10 times cheaper than foreign analogs. Each emergency service office will be able to afford it. Its approximate price will be about €20,000. The robot used by emergency services now costs more than €200,000.

Vitaly Novitsky, Ministry of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus spokesperson:
If the robot matches our needs fully, we’ll start using it.

Farm enterprises will also find this robot useful as it can be used for plowing, mowing and chemical spraying.

There’s only one test article of the robot-tractor now. The developers believe in its success. The second exemplar will be exported to Kazakhstan.