Belarusian singers about songs dedicated to women

Belarusian singers about songs dedicated to women

What kind of music do women listen to, what songs make them cry or laugh? Belarusian singers know how to touch a women's heart!

The crowd pleaser Teo has undoubtedly won a lot of women’s hearts, but he admits that for now there are no songs devoted to a specific woman in his repertoire.

Teo, singer:
A girl who loves and is loved is not likely to listen to the so-called gloomy music. She will listen to some positive kind of song.

But Vyacheslav has a slightly different view of a song dedicated to a beloved woman.

Vyacheslav Sharapov, ensemble Pesniary’s art director:
First, a song about a woman is a love confession. Each girl must think that this is for her and about her. You should live every song and understand what you are singing about. Furthermore, very important components are the talent degree of a poet, a composer and a performer.

Another singer, Sasha Nemo, calls Mother his main song . He says he can be inspired to creating a song even by a beautiful woman passing by.

Sasha Nemo, singer:
As banal as it sounds, but many authors dedicate their songs to mothers. I dedicated this song not to one person but to two women because my mom is one of the twins, and we lived together as a big family for a long time. So, when I was writing the song Mother I couldn't think only about one person of course. Women have so diverse and rich variety of feelings that a singer needs to find something universal, something that will appeal to everyone.

The multiple winner of the title Best Singer of the Year Alexey Khlestov appreciates songs about love and says reverently about the woman he loves.

Alexey Khlestov, singer:
A song about a woman must be sincere, sung with soul, voice and heart. An arrangement and a text edited by professionals are also important. Everyone involved in song creation must be a very sensitive person who understands how hard it is when someone leaves you, or how happy and warm you are when you fall in love.