Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus' entry at Junior Eurovision 2015

Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus' entry at Junior Eurovision 2015

Ruslan Aslanov is young but he’s not new to the music world. He’s a finalist of the TV project "The Voice. Children" (Ukraine) and has won the New Wave junior contest.

Ruslan’s grandmother was the one who understood that the boy had a talent and insisted on his joining a vocal studio.

Ruslan Aslanov:
Music has become my life, my profession. Music is even something more than a profession. Whatever I do, whatever music is playing, music is inside me.

Ruslan has been working with Olga Drozdova, his vocal coach, for three years. She has become a true friend with the young artist and always helps him.

Olga Drozdova, vocal coach:
He loves music and listens to it all the time. Thus he improves his skills. He’s very talented. His voice is beautiful in terms of timbre, lightness and clearness.

Ruslan also practices sport, he’s a let’s player and video blogger. The boy has received the grand award of the Belarus President’s Special Fund for Supporting Talented Youth.

Ruslan Aslanov:
I’ve understood that I do not work in vain, Belarus supports me. What concerns the money prize from the Fund, it’ll help to master my skills.

Ruslan participated in the National Junior Eurovision Song Contest selection in 2013 but made it only into the top 10.

Anna Aslanova:
Ruslan didn’t win the Junior Eurovision national selection in 2013. After that he missed a chance to participate in “The Voice. Children” in Russia. It was a hard time for him.

The second national selection attempt turned out to be victorious.

The boy will represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, with the song Magic.