No Belarusians suffer in Paris attacks


No Belarusians suffer in Paris attacks

The night of November 13 in Paris has become one of the bloodiest in the history of France. The city on the Seine was rocked by several major terrorist attacks. 

Little Cambodia in the north of Paris was full of people that evening. Closer to midnight unknown people burst into the terrace and open fire at visitors randomly. The massacre lasted about half an hour.

At intervals of just a few minutes three blasts were heard near Stade de France. The game was attended by about 80,000 people, including president François Hollande. One of the explosions was so powerful that it was even heard during the game.

Around the same time, terrorists burst into the concert hall Bataclan. They start firing Kalashnikovs. Eyewitnesses later said that people in a panic were trying to run out of the building.

The country declared a state of emergency and introduced border controls. The city stepped up security. ISIL claimed responsibility for the incident.

Francois Hollande, the French president:
We will be trying to find out who were the perpetrators of these terrible things. And the fight will be merciless. When terrorists are capable of such atrocities, they need to know that they face the France that stands together.

Paris residents are advised not to leave their homes. Schools and museums are closed. The Embassy of Belarus in France is monitoring the situation.

Pavel Latushko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the French Republic with concurrent accreditation in the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic:
The Embassy of Belarus in France throughout the night provided a hotline for citizens of the Republic of Belarus who wanted to contact the Embassy by phone. People can turn to the consul of Belarus and the email address of the Embassy is available in case you need some help.

The media reported that a Belarusian was among the victims. But later he came in touch with family and confirmed that he was all right.

Ilya Kapitan, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the French Republic:
The list of Foreign Ministry's crisis center does not include Belarusians. The information is being checked.

By the way, many EU countries are strengthening border control. Poland and Lithuania have already introduced additional checks. Belarusian border guards are also increasing the level of security.

Alexander Tishchenko, spokesman for the State Border Committee of Belarus:
We recommend that our citizens refuse from travelling abroad. And if you do need to go, then consider the information provided on our website, with respect to the situation before checkpoints.

Belarusian head of state Alexander Lukashenko has sent condolences to the President and people of France. "With great pain Belarus received the news of numerous casualties as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris. On behalf of the Belarusian people and on my own behalf I express our deepest condolences and words of support to the families and friends of those killed and injured, as well as the whole French people," said the President of Belarus in his letter of condolence.

Meanwhile, people are bringing flowers and light candles near the Embassy of France.

Minsk residents:
This act of terrorism is atrocious. We could not remain indifferent to all this.

We cannot remain aloof from such grief. Even despite France is far away.

Well, what can I say? Quiet, reliable, confident and secure Europe is becoming dangerous too.