Belarus chose right political course in difficult conditions, Russian Communist Party leader says


Belarus chose right political course in difficult conditions, Russian Communist Party leader says

Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has given an interview to the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

Mr Zyuganov, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview during his short visit to Minsk. We are talking a few days before the October 2015 election. What is your assessment of how the pre-election campaign is going in Belarus? How do they differ from the previous elections?

Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
Belarus plays a special role in my life; it is in fact my second homeland.  I served in the army near Minsk, in Uruchye. I saw your wonderful city. And then for three years I served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Then in Belarus I was preparing the World Youth Festival. It took place in Berlin, but our team rehearsed everything here in Minsk. And my home city Oryol then established sister relations with Brest. I have been to many places in Belarus and they have always left the kindest feelings and pleasant memories.
I come here every year. Belarus in general and the city of Minsk have changed qualitatively.  You do not have the annoying ads. You have to keep the base industry. You have successfully developed villages and agriculture.  Unfortunately, this is a problem in the Russian Federation.
We summarized your experience. I made a few films about Belarus. It is the experience of industrial development, industrial support.
We have visited MAZ - your venture is one of the best; it makes 500 modifications of vehicles. You have mastered what only highly qualified engineers and prominent scientists can master. Having received a specific order you can make a small series of equipment of any degree of complexity. Euro 6 vehicles are qualitatively different. You are ready to go to any world market.
I also visited Horizont, when 5 years ago when you built an enterprise with the Chinese. Before, there had been only two modifications and now you produce many European models and you can enter any market.
If you take the whole city of Minsk, I had to write one of the major works on the development of large cities in the world.  Minsk is among the ten most comfortable and beautiful cities. Believe me, because I have been to 80 countries. The city is like a single organism having its state-patriotic sense. Green areas and water surface make the city a city, not a throng of cars and houses. You have good architects.   I know your architects had plans to move the capital to another place but Kozlov and Masherov refused and promised to restore it after WWII. And they did it.  You have one of the best libraries in the world.  I press a button and suddenly I see: I have 150 works published abroad and almost all of them are present in your library. Even in Moscow I cannot get them. So you have something to be proud of, something to develop.
You do not have such an abundance of natural resources as in Russia but you have talented people, very brave, honest and decent people. You have a unique history, from any point of view. And you were able to save it, multiply it by Soviet dignity and at the same time added modern features. 
Speaking in front of you or in universities, at factories, I just say: no one will survive alone in this world. Therefore, adding the potential of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (it is very desirable since my wife's relatives are from Ukraine) and Kazakhstan we will have more than 200 million people - something that allows us to be competitive in today's world. Then we will have all kinds of natural resources in abundance, with the three main - wood, black soil and fresh water. Our countries have half of their major deposits on the planet. We can feed 700-800 million people with selected products. We must bear in mind that today the world is entering a qualitatively new phase. And integration it is a question of our historical survival. Those who believe that somewhere will join the European Union and everything will be okay are deeply mistaken. The European Union is quite strong now. But Americans do not like their policy, that the euro is now more expensive than the dollar, and they want to show the EU their place. And they will do.

I often ask your Russian colleagues: are there any forces in Russia who are interested in destabilizing the situation in Belarus?

Gennady Zyuganov:
Of course there are. There is power, which is called American globalism. America has its own partners, companions, agents of influence - they are everywhere. They were in the Communist Party, they are in Russia. The policy pursued by Yeltsin, Chubais, and Gaidar is a 100% Americanized policy at USA's dictation. There are very influential liberal forces who are not interested in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan adding their potentials. You see it on different TV channels. They angrily look at your reforms, your successes in engineering, through the village, they do not like Slavic brotherhood, they do not love Russian language, they are ready to sing and perform in English, their kids are there, cottages are there, planes and accounts.  They are exploiting our wealth and our people. Out of the 10,000 mines in our country, 9,600 are in private ownership. Not always in the right hands.

Mr Zyuganov, why did the colored revolutions not work in Belarus or in Russia?

Gennady Zyuganov:
Belarus did not have those revolutions, unlike Russia.  One of those color revolutions was in February 1917. The Tsar was overthrown. And the civil war was the war of proletarian October with the liberal February. Then the second invasion was under Yeltsin and Gorbachev. There is one scientist Sharp... He now lives in the USA. He described the technology of how to overthrow the government by bribery and brainwashing. It's a whole arsenal of methods and techniques. But the origins of this invention go down to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of the most-loved American presidents. Yes, he was a talented person. But after the Cuban missile crisis, when nuclear war was possible, he gathered at the Oval Office a few people and said: "We can't fight against the Soviet Union since it's too powerful. But we cannot tolerate with the fact that the USSR is developing at such a pace." The USA decided to split the continent and gradually take control over it. And you see now what is happening.

Thank you, Mr Zyuganov. Honestly, you amaze me with your power and energy. Thank you for visiting Minsk.

Gennady Zyuganov:
Thank you for having me. I love Belarus. May God bless all of you, I wish you health, success, and remember that you have chosen the right course in difficult conditions and it is necessary to maintain and multiply your achievements.