World's news agencies continue to discuss Belarus' presidential inauguration


World's news agencies continue to discuss Belarus' presidential inauguration

A new reference point in the life of Belarus. Leading media and news agencies of the world continue to discuss the main political news of Belarus - the solemn inauguration of President Alexander Lukashenko.

The inauguration of a President is a kind of benchmark in the history of any state. This event gives the start of a new stage in the development of the country. Similar ceremonies are always watched closely by the world's media.  The event held in Minsk's Independence Palace was no exception.

The TV channel Euronews presented their audience with a detailed report about the ceremony, including European experts’ opinions and information on the election campaign in Belarus. By the way, this material was fourth most watched at one point. German Deutsche Welle focused on the international dimension, in particular, how Belarus will continue to develop relations with Russia and the West. Associated Press also reported about the inauguration.  However, Russian ITAR-TASS offered a more detailed report. It consists of six blocks in which the main theses of the speech of Alexander Lukashenko are given. Some of them were on the pages of the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina. The inauguration of the President of Belarus is one of the most debated topics among Belarusian internet users. 

User Viktor_Duduk (author's spelling and punctuation preserved):
I heartily congratulate Lukashenko. Respect and once again respect! 

User Lunita_Son (author's spelling and punctuation preserved):
Only together to new achievements. It's great to feel you belong to the wonderful people of Belarus!

User Hilda_X (author's spelling and punctuation preserved):
Lukashenko proved to everyone that he is a politician with a capital letter.

User alexandraivchenko (author's spelling and punctuation preserved):
Now we have another five years of life in peace. We cannot worry that anything can happen. If local "reformers" came to power, they would turn the country into another Ukraine or Moldova.

All Belarusian TV channels broadcast live the inauguration ceremony of the President of Belarus. The ceremony was held at the Palace of Independence, with about a thousand guests attending the event. The new President puts his hand on the Constitution and pronounces only about 30 words in the Belarusian language.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Assuming the office of President of the Republic of Belarus, I solemnly swear to faithfully serve the people of the Republic of Belarus, to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, faithfully and conscientiously fulfill the high duties entrusted to me.

Then the President addressed the nation and the guests with a speech in which he thanked his supporters and outlined the main directions of foreign and domestic policy for the next five years of his tenure.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am overwhelmed with a feeling of pride for our cohesive society, for millions of countrymen - citizens of the free Belarus.
During the last election campaign our people once again demonstrated to the world the highest political culture, unity in the face of external challenges and independence of judgment. We were not split in the past, and will not be in the future.
Many observers, both domestic and foreign, could be convinced that the whole election campaign was calm, open and in strict compliance with the Belarusian legislation. All candidates were provided ample opportunities for campaigning.
I warmly thank you, dear compatriots, all those who supported me. I want to emphasize that it is absolutely not mine, not a personal success It our nationwide victory! This is a victory of the Belarusian people!
I emphasize, without any flattery: for the first time during the pre-election campaign we all were proud of ourselves, proud of our people. You saw what was going on around. And people came calmly and openly to the polls and showed who's boss in this house. This is the greatest merit of the Belarusian people. And I'm proud to serve this nation.

The ceremony continued in State Flag Square, where soldiers were waiting for the President. By tradition, they swear allegiance to the commander in chief and the country.  In his address, the President spoke to the military about the protection of the interests of the country, its constitutional principles and territorial integrity.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces I set the highest goal: the protection of interests of our country and its constitutional principles and territorial integrity.
The world around us has not become a better place. And it has its negative impact on Belarus. But we will keep our state. We cherish our homeland. We will be united, consistent and persistent in building the state and resolute in defending our national interests. We have always said that we will never threaten anyone. Our military objective is to protect this little plot of land where a branch of the Slavic people - Belarusians - have been living for centuries. This is a clean, beautiful and educated nation.
We do not give up any piece of our land, but without threatening our neighbors and other countries.  We do not need someone else's, but its not give ours either.  For this end we, the military, are working. We are going to defend our land, our families, our children, relatives and loved ones. And we will not spare our lives for that.

Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
I'm happy for the republic, which in the last 20 years has shown an example of how, even in extreme conditions, a country can live with dignity, and develop all industries and social sectors, at the same time supporting the village. Believe me, I have been to 80 countries and I know what I am talking about.

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Zhores Alferov, Physics Nobel Prize winner:
I often travel here from St. Petersburg by car. You go by car through the Pskov region in August and all fields are overgrown with weeds, the quality of roads is not always good... And then you cross the border into Belarus and see a civilized and modern European country. 

Over 20 years, Belarus has come a long and difficult path, and now a new page in the history of sovereign Belarus is about to open. What this page will be depends on each of us. 

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