Belarus-World Bank: current and future joint projects

Belarus-World Bank: current and future joint projects

Belarus and the World Bank (WB) have discussed new areas of cooperation. Belarus has been a member of the WB for more than 20 years. In the last two years the credit supply for Belarus has increased considerably. Road building, water supply, education and other spheres are among common interests.

For about four years, a massive reconstruction of Brest city sewage treatment plants has been implemented.

In 2010, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development started financing the construction of sewage treatment plants for phosphorus and nitrogen elimination.

Vyacheslav Burko, a foreman of the Brest municipal water canal sewage:
As a result of the wastewater treatment plants reconstruction, the sewage will correspond to the HELCOM requirements and national standards regarding sewage discharge into a water body. Practically, we are going to improve the quality of river water.

The result of the cooperation with the WB concerning water supply and water disposal systems development is expected to be the following: 300,000 people from 20 state districts should be provided with clear water. 

Another area for cooperation is housing and communal service, viz. the construction of a plant for mechanical waste segregation in Grodno. This project is going to be implemented in June-July 2016.

Another important project deals with  road building. Therefore, the motorways Minsk – Gomel and Minsk – Grodno are being improved and refurbished. It should lower transportation expenses and save dozens of human lives per year. Moreover, a center for transport support for motorists will be created in Minsk. The center will provide automobilists with information about traffic jams, repair works, bypass roads etc.

Belarus has cooperated with the WB since 1992.  During this period dozens of Belarusian projects in wood industry, ecology and other spheres have been financed. But the main aim of all the WB programs is to accelerate economic growth without any detriment to the environment and to provide people with new opportunities.

Young Chul Kim, World Bank Country Manager for Belarus:
We have been collaborating with Belarus for more than 20 years. Our cooperation focuses on the improvement of infrastructure quality. Recently, we have broadened our spheres of cooperation dealing with education, public health, and social security.

There are new projects for cooperation with the WB in perspective. One of them is the increasing of Belarusian economic competitiveness. It includes business environment improvement, investment attraction and entrepreneurship support.