Belarusian special forces: Physical training, equipment and combat missions


Belarusian special forces: Physical training, equipment and combat missions

The potential of the Belarusian army is one of the highest in Eastern Europe. What exactly are the armed forces of Belarus? (see video for more detail)

The Belarusian army is more than 60,000 people: aviation, land and air defense forces, and special operations forces. How does this complex mechanism work?       

Special Forces is the face of any modern army. All boys at some age dream to serve among the elite! When a CTV journalist came to the immediate response forces brigade (his appearance is not very athletic) the servicement treated him with irony. After a short briefing we can go on.

General construction and the order - and the staff needs only a few minutes to prepare everything from weapons to uniform.

Get a gun, rush to the parade ground.

The next step is loading, and the squad is sent on a combat mission.

Today the equipment of special operations forces is universal. Moreover, it is equally effective. Masking and protection devices are the developments of the domestic military industry.

Drones over the past decade have become our brand. Radars for air defense systems are also unique. Belarusian optics, which the country has been developing since the Soviet times, is also unique.        

Alexander Avaden, a senior officer of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus:
Previously, a night sight, which we had in the Soviet Union, was large in size and weight, and because of it one could use it at night only. New Belarusian sights are small in size and allow firing during both day and night.

The distinguishing feature of special forces is versatility. Our task at this exit is to detect and destroy the simulated enemy.

The weight of the helmet is 2 kg and body armor is 6kg more. Already after the first element you begin to feel that your physical form is far from ideal.

Abrupt ascents, descents, and underground labyrinths. During the whole distance, the platoon works as a team, a united and cohesive mechanism - thrilling!

Dmitry Shibut, commander of the 3rd platoon of special purpose military unit 3214:
We employ the principle: one for all and all for one. From morning till night they are constantly working together.

One of the key elements of training is close fight. It has its tactics and strategy: attack and defense.

Maxim Slizh, reporter:
Judging by my appearance, I'm ready to fight, but when I think that in a few minutes I will go in the ring and fight with a professional, I feel somehow uncomfortable. I think this defense is very vulnerable.  

Bad luck. After several attempts I am down.

Maxim Slizh, reporter:
Many people imagine a helicopter, and some even get on board and fly. But I bet you have never seen such a "helicopter"!

This year four combat training aircraft Yak-130 went on service. In the future the Belarusian army will receive 12 more modern Mi-8 helicopters. However, the development of domestic aviation does not stop. Some aerial vehicles will be modernized.     

This is the basic cover our infantry - T-72 tanks. I am now a gunner.

Loading ammunition. Shells. Then another spurt and we go to the firing line. The commander specifies goals and we receive permission to attack.

Such a lattice will save the life of the crew if an enemy fires a grenade launcher. Belarusian military and researchers have developed a special armour. There are options for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

The main task of the army is to remain modern and maintain combat capability. The Armed Forces of Belarus today guard the security of the country. The military is its protection.