Belarus, USA plan to set up beef cattle joint ventures

Belarus, USA plan to set up beef cattle joint ventures

Belarus and the United States plan to set up joint ventures to grow beef cattle, said 31 October Belarus' Minister of Agriculture during a meeting with a delegation of American scientists and businessmen. The products produced at the plant will be exported to the Middle East and Asia.

In addition, by March 2016, it is planned to purchase about 10,000 highly productive cattle. The animals will be staying on natural lands in the Vitebsk and Mogilev regions. The sides are studying the issues of the delivery of Belarusian agricultural products to the United States. 

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
In the US the Slavic diaspora is quite considerable.And during our visit in May 2015 we met with some representatives of the diaspora who want to see our products on US shelves. We have already begun this work. We want tight interaction with the representatives of the United States with a view to really get what we planned.  

The visit of US agricultural businessmen is the first one in the history of the bilateral relations. It was preceded by agreements reached in May 2015 during the visit of the Belarusian delegation to the United States. Now US experts are visiting farms and specialized educational institutions and are studying the experience of agriculture in Belarus.

Martin Sieber, spokesman for an American animal breeding company:
I am very impressed by what I saw in the agricultural part of Belarus: the equipment, the level of development and the size of farms. My expectations were confirmed and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and by the level of your development.