Renovated BNTU sports complex: swimming pool with the purest water in Minsk, conditions for disabled people and Museum of Sports Glory


Renovated BNTU sports complex: swimming pool with the purest water in Minsk, conditions for disabled people and Museum of Sports Glory

The issue of lack of available water facilities by location and price will be resolved soon. It is planned to build a chain of budget pools in Minsk.

According to Andrey Potev, first Deputy head of the Physical Training, Sports and Tourism Office of the Minsk City Executive Committee, there are 221 pools in Minsk nowadays, which is not enough for a big city. In this regard, the Minsk City Executive Committee has decided to build additional pools in the districts of Minsk.

About nine swimming pools will be built in the city. It is planned to begin the program implementation in 2016.

It is proved that swimming has a beneficial effect on the whole body. This sport improves blood circulation, stimulates heart activity, strengthens the respiratory system, bone tissue, spine and forms a posture.

Not so long ago the reconstruction of the Belarusian National Technical University pool was completed, thereby the interior and the content changed a lot.

After the renovation the springboards and the diving towers were replaced by modern platforms for repulsion equipped with electronic panels. Now the equipment itself records the swimmer’s time. It's enough to push off from the platform at the beginning of the swim and touch it by hand at the end.

Another pride of the pool is the water treatment system. As noted by Anatoly Baga, the Belarusian National Technical University director of the sports complex, almost no chlorine is used since it has been replaced by its liquid analogue. The results of medical institutions’ research showed the water of this pool is the best in Minsk today.

Moreover, now wheelchair users can freely visit this pool – it is its another important feature. All the conditions have been created for them, from a special elevator and separate dressing rooms to a power lift for descending into the water.

For now the pool is not working at full capacity. However, it has big plans in the future: in addition to training there will be held nationwide competitions.

The dry swimming hall indicates that the pool meets the highest level. Here lovers of big water exercise at the gym before the swim.

After the renovation 10 halls for aerobics, wrestling, handball and futsal opened in the sports complex.

The Museum of Sports Glory was also repaired; after all, the university has won thousands of different awards over a 95-year history.

The university is going to win even more sports awards and the renovated sports complex will help the students to achieve good results.