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Four universities training specialists for Belarusian NPP

Belarus annually allocates about BYR4 billion for the purchase of equipment for the training of Belarusian nuclear specialists. Material and technical, educational and laboratory facilities for the nuclear industry are being created. The country is also developing methodological support for laboratory work. 

NPP specialists are being trained in four Belarusian universities on 6 specialties. More than 300 have already graduated. Training is conducted by Belarusian and foreign lecturers. Students can also undergo practical training at existing nuclear power plants.

At the beginning of 2016 a training center is to open at the nuclear power plant.

Alexander Erin, deputy chief of the Training Center of the Belarusian NPP:
To date, we have put a full-scale analytical simulator - a system that is fully in line with our control panel. Our guys will use it when training.You can simulate there any situation.

Four universities training specialists for Belarusian NPP