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How does Eurasian Economic Union protect itself from unfair competition?

More than 10 measures protect the domestic markets of the Eurasian Economic Union against unfair competition from foreign companies. This was discussed today at a special seminar in Minsk.

The EEU now uses common defense mechanisms, and many manufacturers and even entire industries fall under the patronage of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Similar products from abroad are imported in limited quantities, which allows domestic manufacturers to minimize their own losses and increase both production and sales. This not only concerns consumer goods but is also of importance for such branches as mechanical engineering.

Daria Bakytbekkyzy, Deputy Director of the Department of protection of the internal market - head of the methodology department of the Eurasian Economic Commission:
Some time ago, imported combines from the US and the EU, which came to us in large enough amounts, did not allow our producers, including Belarus, to sell their goods in our market.  We have imposed restrictions in terms of imports. Now, combines from third countries are imported only in the framework of the quotas. This measure will be in force for three years.

Such protective measures have long been used by the US, China, India and other major world economies. In the near future, even bulldozers and tires will be protected. Such measures, which restrict import intervention, help form a common market in which the production workers of the Eurasian Economic Union can create a competitive environment.

How does Eurasian Economic Union protect itself from import?