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Belarus President hits at gradual economic reforms

The government for the future five years and all authorities had been mainly formed before the October 11 presidential election, stated President Alexander Lukashenko on October 20 the meeting on current issues of the country's development.

The President and the Presidential Administration together with the Government and the governors reviewed forecast indicators of socio-economic development.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
The society is waiting. I would say, there is a critical mass of expectations. And we have to meet those expectations. The main point is that living standards must rise. All you have to give people work and demand productivity.
People are very unhappy with the pricing system in the country. And they are right. A very important question concerns the growth of production. In this connection we have to talk about export too. Again, I ask of you at this time of crisis to determine on each tractor, car, every kilogram of meat and milk - where we will deliver them, who is responsible for it and who will control it all - on a quarterly basis. Some items will be controlled monthly. The answer to the problem is simple: it is necessary to produce as much as possible and sell at the maximum price. Return money into the country. Today is the best time to work. You were always moaning that we have very high prices for energy and raw materials. We have everything else. Technology, people, educated people, trained people. Commodity prices are at their lowest. Produce and sell. Sanctions are lifted and the world is free for you - go ahead. Some say: "There is credibility and it is necessary to carry out unpopular measures. And very quickly." In other words, they say it is necessary to quickly take people aback. When you are presidents will you will do what you want. I don't have any intention of doing so. And if you want to take someone aback, let's start with you.  Let's make this experiment until early next year. If they survive this, then we will apply this experience to the people. I am not going to deceive people. This does not mean that we stop and freeze. The system only has the ability to live and survive if it is constantly in motion and is improving. We have enough forces and resources in order not to stop and to improve. And this is the essence of our reforms.
Each of you in your program has to offer me, if you want to work, the streamlining of your structure, which you'll manage. This means and downsizing. But first of all, this goes for government. Let's start with ourselves. And then let's go to the people and tell them that there is excessive number of workers somewhere and talk about retirement age. And salaries must be increased by optimizing staff numbers at government agencies.
I emphasize again, dear comrades: a new page in the development of our state is opening. Let's open this page together. Honestly and with responsibility. Serious tests are lying ahead. It is necessary to ensure not only the further development of the country, but also the preservation of the country. Sovereign and independent. The country that we created. And we have no time to lose. We need to put in all our strength and energy into addressing the most urgent and pressing issues.

Alexander Lukashenko says formed new Belarus government before October 11 election