Minsk hosts international forum on pre-school education

Minsk hosts international forum on pre-school education

Minsk hosted the International Forum on early childhood education. Taking part in it were representatives from 10 countries of CIS and far abroad. Kazakhstani and Russian teachers went to one of the kindergartens of Minsk together with the CTV channel. 

In the 1990s, lots of kindergartens in Kazakhstan were closing. And now the pre-school education in Kazakhstan needs experience of Russians and Belarusians.

We invited guests from Russia and Kazakhstan to the kindergarten that opened about two years ago. It is located in one of Minsk's growing neighborhoods.

Elena Kulbatskaya, head of kindergarten No108 of Minsk:
In this pool we prepare children to learn to swim. Our music teachers asked for a larger room and now we are working on it (please watch video for more details).

Rysty Kerimbaeva, Associate Professor, PhD (Kazakhstan):
Kindergarten costs about $30 per month per one child. We have a lot of private kindergartens where costs are about $80.

Elena Kulbatskaya, head of kindergarten No108 of Minsk:
Belarusian children's parents pay only for food in the kindergarten.

In Russia, a month costs about 50 dollars. This is true, above all, for municipal kindergartens. In general, pre-school education is a unique system, which includes both educational and the pedagogic process.

Belarus has accumulated a lot of experience in this field and it is ready to share it. Belarus now has nearly 4,000 pre-school educational institutions. Almost 500 thousand places for 413,000 children. They are all free, except food. Modern and innovative.

Viorel Melnichenko, director of development of a training center (Russia):
Good facilities, from catering to the rooms of speech therapist, psychologist and of course the swimming pool. Everything is at a very good level.

Elena Kulbatskaya, head of kindergarten №108 Minsk: 
We have it all. And even after 15 years we will still have enough of this. Maybe they will introduce some space technologies for kids... Apart from that, we have it all!