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Eight Belarusian citizens evacuated from Syria

Eight Belarusian citizens have been evacuated from Syria. The people came to Moscow on 17 October. These are Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Syrians - all in all 56 people. All of them wanted to leave the Syrian Arab Republic in connection with the intensification of the fighting on its territory. 

The Il-76 of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered to the conflict zone humanitarian aid and took on passengers on the way back from Latakia.

Belarusian refugees are two families with small children. The Belarusian embassy in Moscow has already helped them buy tickets home.  

Belarusian diplomats together with their Russian counterparts continue to monitor the situation regarding the evacuation of citizens from the conflict zone, and, if necessary, are ready to support Belarusian citizens.

The conflict in Syria between government forces and various terrorist groups has continued since 2011. During this time, over 200,000 people were killed.

Eight Belarusian citizens evacuated from Syria