Presidential election in Belarus: How country's sports elite voted


Presidential election in Belarus: How country's sports elite voted

Lots of athletes and coaches voted on October 11 at the presidential election 2015.

For Lyubov Cherkashina moving about Belarus and the world is a usual thing. The Olympic bronze medalist today is standing between heaven and earth. However, she carries lots of social functions - a member of the Executive Committee of National Olympic Committee of Belarus and the International Gymnastics Federation, as well as the coach of the national team. Cherkashina did find time on October 11 Sunday morning and voted.

Lyubov Cherkashina, bronze medal winner of the Olympic Games, a member of the Executive Committee of the NOC of Belarus:
This is not the first election in my life. I take this very seriously. Those who are just lying on the sofa and comment on the internet cannot change anything in Belarus. 

Nadezhda Skardino, Belarus' second biathlon star after Darya Domracheva, voted early.

Nadezhda Skardino, the bronze medal winner of the Olympic Games:
I think one does not need motivation for this. For every citizen of the country, it is important to understand this because it is such a step when one can participate in the life of the country.  

Sergei Teterin, chairman of the Belarusian Skiing Union:
Son came home from school, he studies with Daschinsky, and said that everyone went to vote and asked why we didn't vote. I said that today we would go. In our country today, people quietly walk in the evening, during the day, in the morning. There is wealth in Belarus. People can freely express their vision and participate in the life of the whole country. Our country is democratic.

Natalia Tsilinskaya, bronze prize winner of the Olympic Games:
Sprinters cannot wait for long, they need to do something useful. Today I am not busy and we went there with the children. No queues, no nothing.  The fact that we were among the first to vote motivates us. In general, there is no difference: to vote on election day or in advance. The main thing is just to vote.

Opportunities for women to participate in elections was globally entrenched in international law only in the middle of the 20th century. It was desire to participate in the fate of the state pushed the weaker sex in the struggle for their rights.

Vasilisa Marzalyuk, wrestler by profession, bronze medalist of the World Championship. is grateful to all the women who have won the greatest victory in the social ring and achieved equality with men in their rights.

Vasilisa Marzalyuk, bronze prize winner of the World Championship:
Here you can draw a very large parallel with what I'm doing and what I am entitled to. I guess it's called emancipation. I am glad that I have the right to choose. In our country, there are probably more women than men.

Where else can you see so many slender and strong men are not on the football field? The Belarusian team led by Alexander Khatskevich on Friday in the European Championship qualifying match against Slovenia won 1:0 and were to play FYR Macedonia October 12. However, on October 11, Khatskevich was to make a more important decision than the match squad.

Alexander Khatskevich, head coach of the Belarusian national football team:
Most importantly, each person has to show a position, a stance. Today I voted first and foremost for peace and order in our country.

Spartak Miranovich - a world-class specialist - voted early in the 2015 presidential election in Belarus.

Spartak Miranovich, two-time Olympic champion in handball, coach of HC SKA Minsk:
I am pleased to drive a car around our Minsk and Belarus. I cannot exchange it for any country.