Large families about incentives to have children in Belarus

Large families about incentives to have children in Belarus

The President promises to support large families, and the mayor of Minsk today in our program called for strengthening of demographics. What to do? How those who decided to get a real big family live in Belarus these days?

Vera, Nadia and Lyuba are younger daughters in the large family Bogdan. In total, they have five children and all are girls.

However, father Alexander himself said that he feels quite comfortable among so many girls. He has mastered unusual skills: sweeping ponytails and so on.

The family says they were not afraid of having a lot of children. They were counting on their own funds and knew that the state supports large families. For example, families are given a soft loan for the construction. And now they have a spacious house.

Elena Bogdan:
The government repays the loan and we are paying only utility bills. Some of our kids eat for free. Some pay 50%.

Alexander Bogdan:
Thank you for help, but we must also put in our effort.

And this mustachioed nanny is 16-year-old Danik from the agricultural town Kolodishchi. He feeds brother and helps make a bed. There is also a real family - seven people.

Natalia Mazalo:
My boys are just wonderful. They help in absolutely everything.  They know everything.

Advice of the father: children should work and in this case they will not get into a bad company. They are also engaged in sport and like music.

They help mother about the house, help father with the car and feed rabbits.

Piotr Mazalo:
Life in Belarus is good, everything is there. You can find a job and you can feed children. And there is no war!

The family bought a house. The state has helped but also invested their savings. They plan to build a garden. The best rest is in the country: one can walk in the woods. 

Piotr Mazalo:
Now we have goods in shops. Life is better now than in the Soviet times.

The Verinsky family father works at a plant. He says he earns enough. The family bought the apartment with state support. They believe they can do everything else with their own hands. They only want the country to remain stable.

Vladimir Verinsky:
We voted for a bright future of our Belarus, for stability in the country.

Svetlana Verinskaya:
I voted for the happy future for our children.