Belarus Today: from weak post-Soviet state to respectful nation in the center of Europe

Belarus Today: from weak post-Soviet state to respectful nation in the center of Europe

Belarus has in recent years created a number of unique facilities, not only the NPP and made a lot of achievements.  

Belarusians remember the 1990s as a period of complete chaos and collapse. They did not even think about the construction of the social, cultural and sports facilities. People were just trying to survive.

Belarus today is a nice and clean (this is the first thing foreigners say), but also a modern, well-maintained, safe and comfortable.

The hallmark of Belarus is Independence Palace. It was built just two years ago. And it became a place for the momentous talks to resolve the bloody Ukraine crisis.

Nikolai Bordyuzha, CSTO Secretary General:
Today, Belarus is the only platform on which issues of war and peace in Ukraine are addressed. And thank God that this platform appeared and that Mr. Lukashenko used both his resource and the authority of Belarus. Not only his personal.

The IIHF World Championship 2014. Thousands of fans from around the globe gathered at Minsk Arena. This is one of the most modern multi-functional sites in Europe. Later, this championship will be called the best for the duration of the competition.

I really liked it. Minsk is a very large and clean city. People are very kind and nice.

Another modern sports complex - Chizhovka Arena - was built specifically for the IIHF event.

All in all, Belarus has more than 30 Belarusian ice palaces. Not only in major cities but also in regional centers.

Belarus is ready to host sports championships of a planetary scale. February 2015. Raubichi. The renovated sports complex hosted the Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, three-time Olympic champion, winner of the Big Crystal Globe:
Such support for sport in the country is a very important thing. For the whole country. It's really a great contribution to the health of the entire population.

The waterpark Lebyazhy (Swan) is one of the largest in the CIS countries and the fifth largest in Europe.

The unique freestyle center was built in Minsk in 2015. Ski acrobats can train here year-round. The complex has a giant springboard, with athletes landing in the swimming pool.

It is not just a decoration of the capital, but also one of the symbols of Belarus. The Belarusian "Crystal of Knowledge" is among the top 100 of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Bookshelves' length are equal to the length of two Minsk ring roads.

Minsk is also famous for its railway station. 

The national airport noticeably changed his appearance in comparison with the original. Its modernization was completed in late 2014. Today it is quite a modern air harbor, no worse than the most famous international hubs.

During the years of independence, the Minsk subway has increased its length by tens of kilometers of tunnels. Now the Minsk metro is the two lines with 29 stations. The third line is now being constructed. It is planned that trains will go automatically.

Agricultural sphere is noticeable too. This summer, the French actor Gerard Depardieu was delighted by Belarusian villages. Agricultural towns appeared in Belarus thanks to a state program of rural revival. Cottages are typical but comfortable. Settlements in Venezuela and Azerbaijan have been built according to the same designs.

VIP barns have become quite popular in Belarus. Climate control, massagers, electronic waiters and even music pauses and "foam parties" for cows. This is what "milk progress" is about.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
At one time, we decided to invest big money in the modernization and renovation of our old base of animal husbandry. These complexes and farms have remained from the Soviet Union. They simply could not compete with western farms. Therefore, we had to go through that illness and now we improved our agriculture a lot. People are better trained now and have more experience.

July 22, 2012 is a special date for Belarus. On that day, Belarus launched its satellite from the cosmodrome "Baikonur" in Kazakhstan.

As a result, Belarus got a standalone system for Earth remote sensing. The country joined the prestigious list of space nations.

Sovereign Belarus is only 25 years old but is has done much. Young and immature, it eventually grew up and became a strong, sovereign and independent state. People here know the value of peace and tranquility. They have got accustomed to work and, most importantly, people here are building their own happiness.