Presidential election 2015: About 28% of Belarusians vote early by October 10 morning


Presidential election 2015: About 28% of Belarusians vote early by October 10 morning

Saturday October 10 was the last day of early voting. Journalists, mostly foreign, gathered at the Information Center of the Palace of the Republic in the center of Minsk. These are representatives of the world's largest media.

Observers from many European and former Soviet countries have come to Belarus to monitor the presidential election. CIS observers started work in Belarus earlier than others. They have recently prepared an interim report which they had passed to the chairman of the lower chamber of Belarus' parliament.

The head of the mission Sergei Lebedev has recently traveled to all Belarus' regions.

Sergei Lebedev, head of the CIS observation mission at the elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We, observers of the Commonwealth countries, are satisfied with the fact that this campaign is calm and free from blackmail. All candidates and trustees who take part in this campaign are behave in a civilized way and are respectful to each other. And any criticism is constructive.

Early voting began in Belarus October 6. By 10 October, 28% of Belarusians had already fulfilled their civic duty.

Among those who voted early was Lidia Yermoshina. The Chairwoman of the Central Executive Committee came to the polling station on the second day of early voting - this is her tradition.

Lidia Yermoshina, Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus:
Now I come also as a kind of observer, I want to make sure everything is okay.  I have been a member of the Central Committee since 1992. You see, during this time not just a new generation has grown up but they have repeatedly gone to the polls.

Legends of Belarusian sport voted early too. Nadezhda Skardino goes to a training camp on the election day and therefore came to vote early.  

Nadezhda Skardino, biathlete:
I vote for a prosperous future of my country - the most important thing. The well-being is everything. Naturally, a peaceful sky overhead. The first World Cup is not far off and I hope that the team will do well and we will please all the people with our good performance.

Max Mirnyi, tennis:
I will for sure vote. If I have an opportunity I will visit a Belarusian diplomatic office here in Tokyo or in Shanghai. Generally, I had to often vote abroad since I am very often outside Belarus at various tournaments.

People's Artist of Belarus Eduard Khanok has just completed a tour of Belarus, and immediately went to the polling station.

Eduard Khanok, People's Artist of Belarus, composer:
Fences are beautiful, city roads are well-maintained, in general everything is better than you can imagine. We have recently traveled along the Mogilev road - that was a pleasure. The Brest road is gorgeous. I always see only good roads.

In the next few days will be the Palace of the Republic will become an informational heart of Belarus. On the day of the vote, October 11, it will be home for about a thousand journalists.

On October 10 Belarus finished early voting and an important stage of the presidential election - campaigning.