Who are Belarus' children? TV program I Am Walking Across The Country

Who are Belarus' children? TV program I Am Walking Across The Country

Young Belarusians... At 6 they play Rachmaninoff, at 8 create computer programs, at 10 design robots, and at 14 already have enter the university. Every 4 minutes, a new Belarusian is born. What are they, our children and who will continue to build the future of Belarus after us?

(3:30) Ultrasound investigation for pregnant women. Such equipment in Belarus in 1984 and now there are even genetic ultrasound investigation.

(4:50) New kindergartens in Belarus’ small towns. The percentage of children receiving pre-school education is among the highest in the world (Belarus is in the top 20 in respective world ranking).

(6:35) Using pictograms for noting anything kids want. According to new educational standards children in Belarus are taught to ask questions and analyze things from early ages.

(8:10) Children’s biking at DOSAAF center. 7-year-old biker Yevgeny Mironov, mini-moto champion of Belarus.

(9:55) Konstantin Tozik, future biologist.

(11:34) Future mother choosing baby clothes.

(13:10) Belarus is a country of beautiful women, no matter what age they are! Parents of many girls choose fashion agencies from childhood.

(14:40) Alina Gres, talented young artist.

(16:50) School cafeteria; kids paying with debit cards. You can buy only healthy natural food in these cafeteria: no chips and no cola. Moreover, some schools grow their own crops.

(19:23) Many people, including pop stars and officials help boarding schools. After all, no children are strangers if they are in trouble. Special concerts and entertaining programs are organized for children from troubled families.

(21:55) SOS villages in Belarus. Each of these buildings is home for 1-2 big families lead by professional parents-tutors.

(25:45) Once only 150,000 kids per year were born in Belarus, in the 1960s – as a result of baby boom, the figure reaches 200,000. But in the 1990s, it falls to about 80,000, since people were not confident in their future. Now about 120,000 kids are born every year in Belarus. The country pays family capital to those who give birth to third and subsequent kids ($10,000).

(27:20) Children’s sport in Belarus. Ice hockey sports palaces contribute to development of sport and help raise future stars. Belarus now has over 30 ice palaces all over the country.

(30:15) Young scientists and developers in Belarus. 3D modeling of robots. The most talented children in Belarus receive scholarships and decent support.

(33:45)  Rimma Drakina, winner of international contest Music Without Borders, plays classical music. She says inspiration is her driving force.

(35:53) Children’s railway in Minsk

(36:32) Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus’ entry at 2015 Junior Eurovision. Belarus is the only country that won Junior Eurovision twice. Winners of the contest Kseniya Sitnik and Alexei Zhigalkovich years after.

(40:20) The most popular blogger of Belarus Dima Ermuzevich, who has YouTube’s silver button.

(42:10) Young illusionist and showman from Belarus Ilya Kahknovich.

(44:00) Cadets’ ball – an old tradition. Cadets in Belarus. Army discipline for boys from the age of 13-14.

(47:00) Physics and mathematics are among the most demanded skills. Belarusians often win international Olympiads in physics and related subjects.

(48:50) School e-dairies and smart cards with the help of which parents can learn about kids’ progress and time they are in school.

(55:50) In the 2014 Mothers’ Index Rankings Belarus is 24-27th on a par with the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.